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One of Michigan’s largest outdoor hydroponic farms. Fresh vegetables & out-of-season-strawberries. Visit the Taco Stand for the tastiest, most authentic tacos south of M-22

Cedar Sol Hydro Farm is one of Michigan’s largest outdoor hydroponic farms. We use HYDRO-STACKER’s vertical grow system. Cedar Sol yields nearly six to 10 acres worth of food in a 100×100 square foot area. By growing hydroponically we save A LOT of water and A LOT of land, and we don’t have to use any herbicides.

We are extremely proud of the system we use. HYDRO-STACKER was designed by a farmer in Florida. This patented grow system is made right here in the good ol’ US of A.

HYDRO-STACKER has been installed all over the world; High-rises in Japan, non-arable nations, US army bases, large-scale commercial farms throughout the US, as well as in backyards, decks, apartment balconies, rooftops, south-facing winter windows and indoor grow rooms EVERYWHERE!

Interested in a system? Cedar Sol is the distributor of HYDRO-STACKER in the state of Michigan. Please visit our website for more information.

Our fruits and vegetables are organically treated. At Cedar Sol, we grow you healthy, clean, fresh produce.

TACOS: (say what?!)
In addition to growing food and selling HYDRO-STACKER systems, Cedar Sol also offers the BEST MEXICAN FARE south of M-22. From May through September our good pal Carlos will whip you up some of the tastiest tacos you have ever tried. Served right from our roadside stand, this pick and roll cuisine will have you talking about Cedar Sol for the rest of the summer.

Cedar Sol’s owners were teachers before they were farmers. Come to us or we’ll come to you. Either way, we’re into spreading the word on hydroponics.

Cedar Sol is perched on a bluff overlooking the lovely Cedar Valley. This sweet oasis is a Leelanau County Must-See. U-pick out-of-season-organic strawberries, enjoy an authentic taco, be humbled by the valley-view & soak in the Cedar Sol.


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