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The Taco Stand is temporarily CLOSED. We’ll be back – don’t doubt that!

Tacos 4$/each

Beef – Michigan grass fed/finished ground beef, seasoned & grilled

Chicken – marinated & grilled

Pork  – slow-roasted pulled Pork (MI)

Chorizo – spicy Mexican Pork Sausage (Holland, MI)

* Tacos are topped with a fresh CILANTRO & ONION mix, a wedge of lime, and a side of house-made mild and hot sauce.

* Choose a soft corn or flour tortilla.

Taco Toppers – additional topping options:

Cheese ¢.50

Pico de Gallo ¢.50

Wild Rice ¢.50

Black Beans (MI) ¢.50

Side of Sour Cream ¢.50

Vegetarian Taco

Wild Rice & Michigan Black Beans, fresh Pico de Gallo, and a wedge of lime on a corn orflour tortilla. Green and Red house-made hot sauce on the side.

* Choose a soft corn or flour tortilla.

Taco Salad 8$

Choice of beef, chicken, pork, chorizo or rice + fresh Pico de Gallo, Black Beans, cheese, tortilla chips, and a wedge of lime on a light bed of fresh greens. Served with a side of mild and hot sauce.

Kombucha Tea –  5.00

Northwoods Root Beer – 2.50

Northwoods Sparkling Water – 2.50

Omena Organics Apple Juice – 2.50